Is There A Second Wave of Psychedelics?

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Are we living in the second wave of the 1960s psychedelic rock music scene? According to the band La Fleur Fatale, we are in the “second wave” of what began in the 1960s as far as the Psychedelic culture.

Psychedelia began in the 1960s in which the psychedelic culture was born through artwork and music. Apparently, the term psychedelic originates from ancient Greek and means mind-manifesting. In art, psychedelic artists used bright colors, cartoons, and distorted images to portray what they perceived as the psychedelic state of mind. Some bands even embraced psychedelic art by using it on their album covers, For instance, Santana’s Abraxas and Pink Floyd’s A Saucerful of Secrets. These album covers embody the psychedelic spirit and the 60s artistic innovations.


Santana’s Abraxas album cover.

Psychedelic music emerged from the San Francisco, California scene of the 1960s. It used new forms of recording techniques and imitated some eastern types of instruments and music. Psychedelic music appeared in folk rock and blues rock during the 1960s. In many psychedelic songs, artists choose exotic instruments like the sitar and tabla. Most songs have elongated solos or jams than we hear in contemporary music.


Pink Floyd’s Saucerful of Secrets album cover.

There are some musicians and artists today who believe that we are in the midst of the second wave of psychedelia. In a recent documentary, the Swedish band La Fleur Fatale expresses the idea that they are in fact members of this second wave of psychedelic ideas and music. La Fleur Fatale released their debut album in 2007 and ever since they have toured across Europe, to the United Kingdom and to America.

The documentary focuses on the band’s journey throughout California. Apparently, the band never knows where exactly they are going in California until their manager tells them where to go.

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