How To Buy Your First Guitar

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Becoming a serious guitar player takes time and patience. Buying your first guitar is an exciting step, but it’s important to consider a few factors before committing to a purchase. Think about how much money you honestly want to spend and if you will fully dedicate time to learning how to play.


Buying a guitar can be a difficult process and something you must consider seriously.

Think your budget through. You really should evaluate how much money you have available to spend on a guitar beforehand. Although, you want to learn guitar, as a beginner you should keep your budget as low as possible. Stick to a 200-300 dollar budget at first. Go visit pawn shops and used guitar dealers to find something as close to your budget as possible. Be careful of guitars that are very inexpensive though because could be very low quality; therefore, a waste of money.

Do your research. Talk to people you know that play guitar. Ask their advice about which guitars are the best brands and which brands they prefer. Do your own individual research online as well. Use the internet to find out more about guitars and which would be the best kinds to buy. Don’t be concerned with spending money on a quality brand. Also, decide if you want to invest in an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Shop around before you decide on one guitar. Make sure to try out guitars in the store before handing over your money. Take a friend with you that already plays the guitar and ask them to play it and listen to its sound. Not only should you listen to the guitar’s sound, but also hold it to make sure you will feel comfortable sitting and standing with it.

Get a warranty. If you find a guitar you are ready to purchase, then first of all ask for a warranty. Also, demand a gig bag and tuner and a new set of strings.

Lastly, once you finally buy the guitar, you should find out if it’s possible to get guitar lessons. Buying a guitar is an investment in your musical potential, and you shouldn’t waste time once you’ve gone ahead and purchased.

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