New Documentary Will Have to Suffice for Deadheads

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An article recently completed by CNN Entertainment detailed the introduction of a new documentary entitled The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir. Mike Feliss, self-proclaimed Deadhead, directed the piece, which details the life of Bob Weir, guitarist for the Grateful Dead.


Fleiss considered himself relatively knowledgeable on the inner workings of the band prior to starting this project. However, he says that Weir proved him wrong with the items he shared, revealing a picture of the band that most Deadheads wouldn’t have predicted. The obvious is all present, specifically the partying, popular in particular amongst band front-man Jerry Garcia. Weir, slightly more health conscious than some of his fellow band mates was, at one time, Garcia’s bagman—a duty which detailed possessing his friend’s bag of drugs and moderating what he was permitted to use.

But, for the most part, the documentary reveals hidden perceptions and views of not only the band, but for Weir as well. Weir acknowledges that the band’s biggest hit, Touch of Grey brought a level of stardom they weren’t really interested in having. The resulting focus not only made Weir uncomfortable at the time, it continues to do so, as he specified for the article that his biggest relief was sharing what he could for the documentary to get himself “off the hook,” in regards to writing a memoir in the future.

Despite his affection for privacy, Weir did share in the documentary that he is now married with two daughters. He even went so far as to share how he met his wife; she was fifteen and had snuck backstage after one of their concerts. Weir insists that the relationship was platonic for many years. It was only after the death of Jerry Garcia that the relationship became romantic; at the time, Weir himself was nearing fifty.

Finally, Weir was presented with the task of answering questions in regards to a Grateful Dead reunion. For now, he says, the documentary will have to suffice. However, he did claim that they “had their best people on it.”

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