Event in the Lower Keys Aimed to Recreate Grateful Dead Concert Environment

William Panzer’s latest music blog post.

The Grateful Dead, considered by many to be the premiere rock band of the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and even into the mid-‘90s, often draws attention, not for their singles or the sales in albums, but for their concerts. The events grew to develop a sort of community of their own, as, with time, venders started setting up hours before the concert was scheduled to commence. These communities would sell merchandise for the band in general or even items of their own creation. Eventually, artwork came to be placed on display at these events, always involving the traditional skeletons, roses and dancing bears.


The oddities didn’t end once the fans entered the arena; the Grateful Dead were known for making their concerts an item of extremity, even amongst the already extreme society of rock and roll bands. The concerts would frequently last four hours or longer, in an already existing cycle of seemingly endless touring. Unlike most other bands, the Grateful Dead would even allow their fans to record their concerts; most bands were dead-set against this, as it would undoubtedly cut back on record sales. However, the Dead were more than happy to allow their fans this opportunity, going so far as to even set up specific areas to provide more room for those who brought complex and elaborate recording materials.

According to an article recently completed by Keys Info Net, an event held recently in the Lower Keys of Florida aimed to recreate this experience, from top to bottom. The event, held on the twenty-first and the twenty-second of June at Boondocks Grille and Drafthouse on Ramrod Key, mile marker twenty-seven, tried to implement every facet of a traditional Grateful Dead concert experience. Venders were invited to sell merchandise and an artist village could be experienced, in which pieces were brought to display, just as it was in the old days. Two tribute bands were invited; Unlimited Devotion, hailing from Miami, focused on the content of the Grateful Dead’s career, and the other band provided a Pink Floyd tribute show. Admission was free to the event, which included two days filled with music and festivities.

New Speedway Boogie – Grateful Dead from Marc Borins on Vimeo.

Grateful Dead~Eyes Of The World from Mongacuca on Vimeo.

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