Thoughts on “Touch of Grey” by Grateful Dead

William Panzer’s latest music blog post.

The great and sort of ironic thing about being at a Grateful Dead concert is that is made you grateful to be alive. I watched a great video of a live performance of the Grateful Dead at Golden Gate Park. They were playing “Touch of Grey” in 1991 when Jerry Garcia had a little bit more than a touch of grey in his hair and beard.

This is one of the Dead’s best known songs, but it is often the case with songs that are really well know that people don’t listen to or think about the words. And that’s a shame if that is the case with this song because there is an honest sentiment about life in it.

Touch of Grey is filled with pessimistic lyrics, like “I know the rent is in arrears, the dog has not been fed in years.” But always after the somewhat cynical verses, Jerry tells us, “It’s all right.” And I think that this is why the song is called Touch of Grey – as you get older, and maybe get that touch of grey in your hair as a sign of it, you realize there is a lot over which you can despair, but instead you may as well say, “It’s all right,” and, even if it is with a touch of melancholy, accept the world and life for what it is. Just an interpretation.

What’s great about watching the video is seeing what people were like at these types of concert. There were many types of reactions represented in this video. They ranged from hilarious fun, to kids dancing and jamming to the music, to audience members looking on in a thoughtful, pensive manner, really letting the music and lyrics wash over them.

One more great lyric to share from this song that I think really sums up its essence: “Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey.”

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