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So Many Roads: The World in the Grateful Dead, A Conference and Symposium

Apparently at the upcoming Grateful Dead Conference and Symposium this November, taking place at San Jose State University, many Grateful Dead scholars, participants and enthusiasts. These attendees will discuss and explore how the Grateful Dead music and musicians shaped a generation and began a documented BobWeirmovement. The lucky attendees will also be in the company of one famous member, Bill Kreutzmann, who will be discussing his autobiography.Fans and scholars alike will be presumably excited to heat from the singer and guitarist.

Video coverage and interviews are surfacing which feature the Grateful Dead members including a Philadelphia TV Feature 1979 as well as when Weir and Garcia sat down and were interviewed for ABC Good Morning America.

In 1980, the Grateful Dead were celebrating their 15th anniversary while in the middle of performing numerous shows at Radio Music Hall in New York City and other venues. Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia discuss their years together playing in the band.

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