Marijuana Can Replace these 3 Prescription Drugs

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Panic attacks? Stress? Anxiety? Chronic pain? If you’re like most of us, your medicine cabinet is overflowing with prescription drugs that you turn to for a variety of reasons. Doctors offer a variety of remedies the complaints such as pain, anxiety, depression. Often, the Rx pills prescribed come with unpleasant side effects. Many pills out there are new and the long-term side effects have only been moderately researched.


The exciting field of medical cannabis offers a non-toxic alternative for a multitude of drugs. According to a recent Canadian study, more than 86 percent of respondents reported giving up one or more of the substances they were used to taking for marijuana.

Those suffering from chronic pain have responded especially well to the effects of cannabis. Compared to so many prescription drugs, it has no serious risks.  Studies show how effective marijuana is at treating pain and improving quality of life. It is safe, effective, and non-addictive.  Soon, marijuana could replace these drugs and many more.

1. Xanax

Cannabis naturally helps anxiety. The parts of our brain associated with pain management, mood, and anxiety react with the cannabinoids activated with marijuana. With approximately 3.3 million people suffering from anxiety in America, we ought to consider cannabis as an alternative to some of the more serious, harmful drugs on the market

2. Zoloft

Similar with Xanax, zoloft helps with anxiety and depression disorders.  However, Zoloft often does not work, instead causing paradoxical effects. Sometimes its symptoms are more panic attacks and depression. While cannabis doesn’t work for everyone, it would be a beneficial option to explore in the mental health community.

3.  Vicodin

The FDA recently approved a dangerous drug called Zohydro, an opioid known as “Super-Vicodin.”  Unlike most forms of the drug, it is not mixed with ibuprofen. It is manufactured in a way that patients are capable of crushing it and snorting it if their addiction gets bad enough. Hopefully, the FDA will recognize marijuana as a healthy alternative to these types of dangerous painkillers.

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William Panzer is a lawyer practicing in the Oakland, CA area supporting medical marijuana initiatives.
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