One Oregon Advocate for Legalization of Marijuana Bites the Dust

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According to an article recently completed by The Oregonian, Paul Stanford, a medical marijuana businessman, has been forced to withdraw his campaign efforts to qualify two ballot measures for the November ballot. The measures included one proposed constitutional amendment that sought to give all Oregon adults the right to possess up to one and a half pounds of marijuana; to receive approval to run with this amendment, just over one hundred and sixteen thousand signatures were needed to be gathered via a petition. The other item was a companion statutory measure, which provided framework for how marijuana could be grown, sold and taxed in the state.


Many believed Stanford’s proposition was too lenient, allowing for the possession of too much of marijuana in the hands of the adults of Oregon. When he first proposed this plan in the 2012 elections, many multimillionaire donors and sponsors thought the plan was too broad to attract mainstream attention and support. Ultimately, his proposition lost in 2012, with a vote of fifty-three percent to forty-seven percent.
This time around, sponsors and donors felt very similarly.

Most of the major out of state donors that were responsible for successfully passing Washington state’s 2012 initiative to legalize marijuana chose to back the New Approach plan. This plan, which is a bit stricter in its limitations on marijuana possession, has gained the attention and approval of the general public, with the help of sponsors such as Peter Lewis, a billionaire insurance magnate, and Drug Policy Action, a New York-based group critical of the nation’s war on drugs. The approval comes in part by the limitations on the proposition, that only allow for adults to possess one half of a pound of marijuana; only one ounce may be carried in public.

Stanford announced retiring his campaign via his Internet video show, entitled Cannabis Common Sense. He declared that he would not be able to get the required number of signatures before the petition deadline of the third of July. Even with the loss of this campaign, it is believed that New Approach’s efforts will result in a likely passing of legislation to legalize the possession and use of medical marijuana in the state of Oregon.

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New Documentary Will Have to Suffice for Deadheads

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An article recently completed by CNN Entertainment detailed the introduction of a new documentary entitled The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir. Mike Feliss, self-proclaimed Deadhead, directed the piece, which details the life of Bob Weir, guitarist for the Grateful Dead.


Fleiss considered himself relatively knowledgeable on the inner workings of the band prior to starting this project. However, he says that Weir proved him wrong with the items he shared, revealing a picture of the band that most Deadheads wouldn’t have predicted. The obvious is all present, specifically the partying, popular in particular amongst band front-man Jerry Garcia. Weir, slightly more health conscious than some of his fellow band mates was, at one time, Garcia’s bagman—a duty which detailed possessing his friend’s bag of drugs and moderating what he was permitted to use.

But, for the most part, the documentary reveals hidden perceptions and views of not only the band, but for Weir as well. Weir acknowledges that the band’s biggest hit, Touch of Grey brought a level of stardom they weren’t really interested in having. The resulting focus not only made Weir uncomfortable at the time, it continues to do so, as he specified for the article that his biggest relief was sharing what he could for the documentary to get himself “off the hook,” in regards to writing a memoir in the future.

Despite his affection for privacy, Weir did share in the documentary that he is now married with two daughters. He even went so far as to share how he met his wife; she was fifteen and had snuck backstage after one of their concerts. Weir insists that the relationship was platonic for many years. It was only after the death of Jerry Garcia that the relationship became romantic; at the time, Weir himself was nearing fifty.

Finally, Weir was presented with the task of answering questions in regards to a Grateful Dead reunion. For now, he says, the documentary will have to suffice. However, he did claim that they “had their best people on it.”

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Medical Marijuana Only to Become More Prevalent in 2014

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Since 1972, medical marijuana has been classified under federal law as an illegal drug with no medical value. However, as popular opinion on that matter has changed, laws have needed to change accordingly. According to an article recently completed by WebMD, more than half of the states in the nation have passed laws that permit the use of marijuana for medical concerns. The opinion of the populace has held so much swing, that the article specifically notes that it isn’t simply liberal states taking action; notoriously conservative states are as well.


The article was prompted by several states and Washington, D.C. passing laws this week to allow for the use of medical marijuana. The limits placed on the use of medical marijuana vary from state to state; Minnesota and Washington D.C. are allowing for a broad use of the drug, whereas nine other states specified that marijuana is only to be used in cases of children suffering from seizure disorders.

The progress made on this issue is the result of political pressure from parents of children suffering from these very disorders, which are often cases of a severe form of epilepsy. The restrictive law that allows for the use of this drug with suffering children grants access to a form of marijuana low in THC, an ingredient that is responsible for affecting mood, but high in cannabidiol, the non-mood altering component.

John Hudak, of the Brookings Institution, a think tank located in Washington, D.C., states that he isn’t surprised by this development. He claims that the public has reached a new era in marijuana policy, with the formation of strong interest groups that have the power, funding, and understanding of the political landscape required to move forward on the marijuana initiative. This dedication, according to Hudak, is what driving laws to be passed not only in pliant liberal states, but steadfast conservatives as well.

Several states allow for the use of medical marijuana in children’s cases of seizures. However, actions are being taken to introduce broader medical marijuana laws in Minnesota, Maryland and Florida. Maryland has consented to engage in research on the merits of medical marijuana. The Florida public will have the opportunity to vote on the issue on a ballot in November. In addition to this, comprehensive laws are still pending in Missouri, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

All of this attention combined will eventually catch the attention of Congress, according to Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance, a nonprofit that supports medical marijuana use for adults. In essence, Piper believes the action on the state level will, with time, require positive federal action.

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Check out this amazing video entitled: B

Check out this amazing video entitled: Borderland #williampanzer #california

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Garcia & Grisman on Letterman, playing F

Garcia & Grisman on Letterman, playing Friend of the Devil 9/15/93… » #williampanzermusic

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Garcia & Grisman on Letterman, playing F

Garcia & Grisman on Letterman, playing Friend of the Devil 9/15/93… » #williampanzermusic

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How To Buy Your First Guitar

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Becoming a serious guitar player takes time and patience. Buying your first guitar is an exciting step, but it’s important to consider a few factors before committing to a purchase. Think about how much money you honestly want to spend and if you will fully dedicate time to learning how to play.


Buying a guitar can be a difficult process and something you must consider seriously.

Think your budget through. You really should evaluate how much money you have available to spend on a guitar beforehand. Although, you want to learn guitar, as a beginner you should keep your budget as low as possible. Stick to a 200-300 dollar budget at first. Go visit pawn shops and used guitar dealers to find something as close to your budget as possible. Be careful of guitars that are very inexpensive though because could be very low quality; therefore, a waste of money.

Do your research. Talk to people you know that play guitar. Ask their advice about which guitars are the best brands and which brands they prefer. Do your own individual research online as well. Use the internet to find out more about guitars and which would be the best kinds to buy. Don’t be concerned with spending money on a quality brand. Also, decide if you want to invest in an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Shop around before you decide on one guitar. Make sure to try out guitars in the store before handing over your money. Take a friend with you that already plays the guitar and ask them to play it and listen to its sound. Not only should you listen to the guitar’s sound, but also hold it to make sure you will feel comfortable sitting and standing with it.

Get a warranty. If you find a guitar you are ready to purchase, then first of all ask for a warranty. Also, demand a gig bag and tuner and a new set of strings.

Lastly, once you finally buy the guitar, you should find out if it’s possible to get guitar lessons. Buying a guitar is an investment in your musical potential, and you shouldn’t waste time once you’ve gone ahead and purchased.

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